Trisha Barker Life Coach, NLP Practitioner

Tamlūk Founder of the Imposter Syndrome Solution, Trisha is a Life Coach and NLP Practitioner who is on a mission to help people stop doubting their abilities and believe in themselves, so they can thrive in their career and life. Trisha’s work brings together her training as a Life Coach and NLP Practitioner, a 20 + year career in Human Resources working for some of the largest FTSE 100 companies in the UK and her own personal pursuit of dissolving imposter syndrome and focusing on her personal wellbeing.

purchase Lyrica from canada She works with organisations and individuals to help them understand how Imposter Syndrome is impacting their business and careers, whilst helping them to build a toolkit to manage and overcome Imposter Syndrome.

Trisha will be leading a workshop on Imposter Syndrome in our morning session and sitting on the She Means Business panel.

This workshop will be an informative and engaging session designed to help you understand what is Imposter Syndrome and how it can have an effect on your career and business.

Deeper insight will be shared so you can recognise how you might personally be affected by Imposter Syndrome and how to manage it’s effects in a more resourceful manner.  The tools and techniques shared will allow you to develop positive habits to support your self worth and emotional wellbeing.

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