Lydia Hollinson Founder of the Strong Mamas Club and Development Director at Lancashire Women

Korwai Lydia is The founder of one of the best girl gangs in the North, the Strong Mamas Club, a badass weightlifting group that empowers women through lifting, laughs and lots of peer support. Following a mental health breakdown a few years ago in a high pressure leadership role for a financial services national, she struggled with panic attacks, depression and agoraphobia. At rock bottom, Lydia decided to not only claim her body, mind and life back but also create something incredible out of something terrible. She retrained, gave up her six figure salary and set up her own business supporting women in building stronger bodies and minds through exercise, empowerment and community.

Malgobek Lydia is here full of body positive feminist vibes, ready to share her thoughts on body and mind connection, and ready to tackle any misconceptions about how a woman’s body should look! Lydia will be sitting on the Your Body your Rules panel and taking part in The Change Hub.

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