Louise Harlow

http://sailmoonshadow.com/2003/12/ Engagement and Fundraising co-ordinator at Mummy’s Star

order gabapentin online overnight Louise joined the Mummy’s Star team in February 2015

http://canaimachillhouse.com/by-bus/ Her background includes a degree in Contemporary Performing Arts and a Master’s Degree in Arts Health, with a particular interest in facilitating inclusive education. Louise went on to run her own Arts Cafe for 5 years, gaining experience and knowledge in employment law, business finance, management and events.

buy canibus Lyrical law In 2012, while pregnant with their 2nd child, her husband was diagnosed with advanced metastatic Bowel Cancer and she decided stop working to look after her family. He was given a terminal prognosis in 2013 and they have been active fundraisers and advocates of various cancer charities. Working for Mummy’s Star is just what she had been looking for.

After he sadly passed away in July 2017, Louise continues to raise awareness in his memory and use her knowledge, empathy and experiences to help others where she can.

Mummy’s Star are one of our Charity Partners, you can find out more about them here

Louise will be taking part in our Change Hub This will be the chance for attendees to connect with some of the speakers from the main inspo stage, put more detailed questions to some of our workshop hosts, and connect with some of the other space making women invited to the Festival who have important messages and stories to share.