Kate Illustrate

Indi Illustrator and Graphic Designer

Baguim do Monte Kate’s business offers a range of services such as, hand-painted bespoke wedding jackets, wedding stationery, live wall art/murals and illustrative gifts. Starting out in 2019, with teaching Calligraphy by launching her own classes in and around the Ribble Valley. These have been a success and Kate continues to teach in the New Year and has also released Calligraphy Kits so that others can get involved too.

Kate has always been interested in art and creating. She went through education determined to make a career for herself within Art and Design. So alongside her day job at the time, she’d find herself picking up a pencil or a pen and drawing something new. She developed her own style after graduating from the University of Leeds in 2015 with a degree in Art and Design. Her style of drawing definitely gained recognition through the use of social media, particularly Instagram as it’s so visual. This has helped her to nurture and develop a well loved hobby into a full-time career.

doggo ​Kate will be hosting our her monogramming Creative Pop Up on a rolling programme throughout the morning and over lunch.

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