Ali Kahn

Award winning comedy writer and actor

Ali Kahn has a multitude of talents and isn’t afraid to shout about it! An award winning comedy writer and actor, Ali also runs Big Comedy Shop, specialising in using comedy to engage, educate and entertain young people and adults. Ali is a motivational speaker delivering funny talks on mental health to high schools throughout the UK. Ali is passionate about using comedy to connect with people and believes that there is power in laughing whilst learning about ourselves and the world we live in. Ali is also very proud to be a recovering addict and has been abstinent from all alcohol and drugs since 2013 and has a real commitment for self development .

Ali has a Facebook page where you can follow her journey around mental and physical health.

As well as kicking of Carbs, Cocktails and Comedy on our Inspo Stage, Ali will also be hosting a comedy improvisation workshop in the afternoon.

Get involved in this comedy improvisation workshop that will involve connecting with your inner child and letting her come out to play in a safe non judgemental environment.

Challenge yourself to let go of your inhibitions as you take part in what will possibly be one of the most daft, surreal, and hopefully funny as fudge experiences you have had so far as a human adult.

There will be games, there will be silly voices, there will be some movement of the body…warning there may be splitting of sides and possibly some urination spillages ..who knows?….Expect the unexpected we say.

This is a very laid back fun way of spending 45 minutes exploring techniques in helping you get out of your head space and into the present…making space to be creative and get out of our smelly adult shells…

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