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http://demo3.goodvibeswebsitedesign.co.uk/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://demo3.goodvibeswebsitedesign.co.uk/2020/11/11/hello-world/ Hi there! We are Helen and Morgana, the WomanKind North Founders, or Team WomanKind North

buy Pregabalin We had a bright idea back in March 2019. We were both putting on an event together which by chance happened to be on International Women’s Day, all the pennies dropped and the stars alligned. We realised that if we didn’t collectively champion all you Northern Women, and provide a place to shine a massive floodlight on your achievements and aspirations, nobody else would. We needed to join forces to mean we could go large, to combine skills and really get stuck in to the creative (and the really official side) of running a massive event, and hopefully a HUGE movement of Northern Women. So WomanKind North was born.

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buy Pregabalin online uk Morgana & Helen

(The WomanKind North Founders)

womankind north founders


Bringing creative flair, vibrancy and infectious enthusiasm Helen is a magnet for working with people.
Helen is an events organiser, and education consultant based in Preston. Helen is the founder of BabyLoved Family, a Preston based events business specialising in cool, quirky, stylish and fun family events, with a clear environmental focus on sustainable local shopping, whilst building community.
Helen’s ability to organise space, people and equipment, is all down to her 12 years working as a Physical Education teacher and leading a faculty.
With a strong network of friends, a lifetime of team sports and an active social life it comes as no surprise that Helen is a great communicator and fantastic at bringing people together. Helen has a large family with whom she involves in everything she does. Her two boys, partner Nat and wider family will all be found spending their weekends together, either at a BabyLoved Family event, or supporting eachother in some sporting activity.
Helen’s motivation for joining forces with Morgana for WomanKind North events comes from a sense of being stronger together, wanting to even the playing field for and provide opportunity and visibility for fellow Northern women.

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Don’t let her non-regional accent fool you, Morgana was born in Blackpool. She’s lived all over the place since then but found her way back up to the North West as young adult. 16 years on and she is still here bringing up her own family of two northern daughters, with her southern husband.
With a background in youth work and social work Morgana has always had a strong community focus and mentoring others.
Morgana heads up CWS Creatives a network of creative female business owners in the North West. At any kind of business networking she felt like a square peg in a round hole so decided to set up something that would bring women together in a supportive, fun and creative environment with a focus on community over competition. With regular Meet Ups, events and a strong online community the group is continuinally growing and has seen numerous collaborations and projects launch from it – such as this one!
Specialising in Instagram, Morgana also provides social media marketing training and consultations for indie businesses.
When she’s not taxi’ing her children to swimming training, galas and all their other activities she enjoys curling up with a good book, chatting over coffee or a glass of prosecco and going to gigs.
Morgana’s motivation for setting up WomanKind North with Helen sprung firstly from a genuine enjoyment of working together and working for the women within the Preston community of creatives. Being ambitious, Morgana wants to bring the key message of women taking up their space, and making more space for others, and spread that message right across the North.

Find Morgana here:

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