We are committed to making WomanKind North events both excellent quality events, with all the attention to detail you would expect in terms of venue, speakers, goodies, refreshments etc, and also making the event affordable to as many women as possible.

With this in mind, we have set up what we hope is a safe, dignified and supportive process to mean that if you really want to attend our events, but you’re currently not in a position to be able to be able to afford the full ticket fee, we can help you out.
Many of us women, work in low and lower paid roles than our male counterparts and we shouldn’t be disadvantaged because of this. Charging and paying fairly for things, makes everyone feel valued. This goes for us too.

If you or a friend/family member really want to attend WKN events, and would appreciate some help making the ticket more affordable, we have a fund which we can access to meet the partial payment of a ticket to bridge that gap. This fund has been kindly supported by donations from some of the women attending WKN who have paid forwards small sums to help support this bridge fund. Morgana and Helen fund the rest. In future, we would hope to link with council schemes to make events even more affordable. For now, it’s down to us women to help each other and literally make space for everyone, the fund is somewhat limited but we will stretch it out as far as we can.

If you would like to access the fund for partial payment of your ticket, what we would require from you is a really simple statement through our contact form which we will use to help us understand your needs, then we can potentially provide you with any additional ‘bridge funding’ available on a ticket. We do need to ask questions to help us provide appropriate Bridge Funding for each individual’s needs. Everyone’s needs are so different. We will try to respond to your request via email in 7 days at the latest, with a clear break down of if we are able to support you with any bridge funding to partially pay for a ticket.

If you are applying on behalf of a friend please fill in your name and email on the form and add in theirs and the reason you are applying in the additional information section.

Thank you for taking the time to reach out. We hope to be able to bridge the gap for as many women as possible. We will be in touch within 7 days of your form being submitted.